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Pj’s Angelic Resources is owned and operated by Pamela McCann, certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Health Coach. Pamela first became interested in Colon Hydrotherapy following a life threatening experience with cancer. It was the beginning of a whole new health approach, which she attributes to her quality of life today.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy is essentially both hydrating and irrigating your colon. Colonic irrigation allows your body to combat and repair things such as the signs of aging. We utilize a closed system for colon hydrotherapy.

Nutritional education

Clients will be educated and guided through highly customized treatment programs by our professional to help them gain the knowledge and confidence to truly take ownership of their health so that they can feel more vibrant, energetic, and resilient than ever before.

Why Clients Prefer Us?

Their Testimonials

“Love PJ’s!!! Pam and the office staff make you feel so comfortable! She truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients! Best place in Washington to get a colonic! And you will feel so much better when you’re done! Don’t even try anywhere else- just go to PJ’s!”
Angela Starr

Colon Cleanse Federal Way


Your body can cleanse itself of toxins naturally. However, some people in Federal Way, WA may need a helping hand in some cases when it comes to a colon cleanse. Look no further than PJ’s Angelic Resources for a local colon cleanse service. Your colon is the final stage of the entire digestive process.

If your colon is not functioning properly, toxins can be absorbed into your bloodstream instead of being expelled from your body. A colon cleanse can help those in the Federal Way region who think they may be in this situation.

Signs that Federal Way residents may notice that they need a colon cleanse include:

  • Constipation
  • Pale skin and acne
  • Continual fatigue
  • Digestive problems

If you think you may need a colon cleanse and you are in the Federal Way area, call (253) 941-5200.

Colonics Federal Way


Colonics is an internal bath using professional equipment to cleanse the colon. A properly functioning colon is beneficial to the overall health of those who live in Federal Way. During the colonics procedure at PJ’s Angelic Resources, gently infused warm water is placed in the colon.

This colonics procedure then fills and flashes toxins and eliminates waste from the colon. The equipment used during the colonics procedure is a closed system with disposable tubings and fittings. Federal Way patients remain on the treatment table during the entire procedure of colonics.

Potential benefits Federal Way residents may notice after colonics:

  • Colon can absorb nutrients better
  • Clears the colon completely
  • Helps liver and gallbladder
  • Enhances overall health
  • Healthier skin and luster

Federal Way residents should view colonics as a way to promote good health and their well-being. Call (253) 941-5200 for colonics in Federal Way that will help eliminate toxins and help you feel better.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Federal Way


For Federal Way residents who want to expand their knowledge about obtaining optimal colon health, look no further than with PJ’s Angelic Resources for colonic hydrotherapy. The purpose of colonic hydrotherapy is to reduce the accumulated toxins and stimulate the function of the colon.

The purpose of your colon is to absorb minerals and water from the food you eat before pushing out the remains of your body. The colon process is typically simple, but sometimes things can go wrong and the colon needs some help. This is where it’s beneficial for Federal Way residents to look into colonic hydrotherapy as an option for a colon cleanse.

Federal Way residents should know that the purpose of colonic hydrotherapy is to:

  • Detoxify colon
  • Soothe colon
  • Tone colon muscle
  • Promotes healthy peristalsis

Looking for local colonic hydrotherapy in Federal Way that will detoxify, soothe and tone the colon muscles? (253) 941-5200 today for colonic hydrotherapy.

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