Colon Hydrotherapy Auburn


PJ’s Angelic Resources offers colon hydrotherapy for Auburn, WA residents as a treatment for detoxifying and hydrating their body. Cleansing of the colon is an ancient practice that modern medicine has now started recognizing.

Also referred to as colonic irrigation hydrotherapy, the procedure of colon hydrotherapy involves infusion of purified warm water into the colon for removing the fecal matter accumulated inside.

Our colon hydrotherapy brings Auburn clients improved health by enhancing the ability of body to absorb the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Visit us for colon hydrotherapy for the Auburn area if you too want to feel more energetic, lighter and refreshed!

Contact our experts to know if colon hydrotherapy is for you. Schedule a visit to our facility near Auburn to discuss your needs for:

  • Colon cleansing
  • Colonic hydrotherapy
  • Hydrocolonics
  • Colon wash

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Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy Auburn


With colonic irrigation hydrotherapy for Auburn clients, we stimulate bowel peristalsis in them to use that muscle action for evacuating toxic material from their large intestine. We take care to carry out the colonic irrigation hydrotherapy on each Auburn client in a safe, upfront and effective procedure.

The services are delivered by a qualified and experienced colon therapist. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for conducting colonic irrigation hydrotherapy on Auburn clients. The highest sanitary standards are maintained throughout the colonic irrigation hydrotherapy on Auburn clients who can observe the entire treatment process.

Look no further than us if interested in:

  • Reputable colonic clinic
  • Effective colon therapy
  • Affordable colonics cost
  • Best place for colonic cleanse near me

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Colonic Irrigation Auburn


We go all out to ensure a very gentle, comfortable and stress-free colonic irrigation therapy for Auburn clients. Our colon therapist is by their side every step of the way. Filtered, temperature-regulated water is used for colonic irrigation procedure on our Auburn clients.

It is our sincere objective that all the people who come to us for colonic irrigation near the Auburn area experience noticeable, very satisfying results from the treatment. Our excellent customer reviews indicate success in achieving this goal!

Inability to lose weight, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation and intestinal distress are some problems resolved by our colonic irrigation procedure for Auburn residents.

Do schedule a visit to us soon for:

  • Colonic flush
  • Gut cleansing
  • Bowel flush
  • Colonic treatment

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